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The Walpole Inn is the product of the wonderful tandem of Tom Weber and Bruce and Lucy Weber to bring you the exquisite living setting that can afford to offer one of a kind unwinding experience for the Walpole Inn guest.

The state of the art rooms restored with elegant antique ambiance as well as the luxurious amenities care for all the grounds of comfortable living and embrace with the homely ambiance you forget you are just here momentarily. If there is one place that can genuinely give excellent food and services, that’s Walpole so enjoy the memorable time with your loved ones at our Walpole Inn!


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Traveling with pleasure or business can be more fun and enjoyable if one secures a nice living even away from home. Our inn and lodging suites have offer convenience and trendy life for frequent trippers; ideal for relaxation with the amenities and cuisine that could satisfy your picky taste buds.

We take pride in serving our guest with top-most quality service with the help of our friendly and accommodating staff. If you are one of those that appreciate life’s bliss, then you deserve to get a taste of a lovely experience that you share with your friends and families when you get back home.

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